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How to Enjoy TIFF 2014

Tokyo International Film Festival is one of the largest international film festivals in Asia, where directors, actors, professionals in the film industry and journalists gather from around the world. Various films that can only be seen at the film festival will be screened every day from much-talked-about epic entertainment to rare works from abroad which are not scheduled for public release in Japan. Directors and actors will take to the stage after screening to be with the fans, too. In addition, the venues this year have been expanded to include Nihonbashi, where "The World of Hideaki Anno" will be featured. The Roppongi Hills Arena will be packed with events for everyone to enjoy. Please come and experience the Tokyo International Film Festival, which is changing significantly.

TIFF 2014, Must-see! Must-enjoy!

(c)2013 TIFF
(c)2013 TIFF
World's first complete retrospective 'The World of Hideaki Anno'


The line-up this year focuses on animation. About 50 films will be screened in this retrospective on filmmaker Hideaki Anno from TV anime and films to rare shorts, TV adverts and promotional videos which he produced during his student days.。

Showcasing excellent films to a wider audience as a leading film festival in Asia

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Excellent films from around the world will be introduced in the competition and other sections, creating a large stage for the next generation of Japan's film industry and talent from Asia to launch themselves to the wider world.

Meet internationally-recognized directors and actors

(c)2013 TIFF

Filmmakers from around the world will gather at the three venues during the festival. TIFF will provide great opportunities to interact with such guests at Q&A sessions, talk events and autograph sessions.

Tokyo Cinema Cuisine and many other events!


Various events will be held every day at the purpose-built arena stage at the Roppongi venue. All film lovers, from children to adults, are welcome. Food trucks will be introduced this year for a greater choice of food.

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KEIRIN.JPThe 27th Tokyo International Film Festival will be held with funds provided by Japan Keirin Association.TIFF History
26th Tokyo International Film Festival(2013)