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The Midnight After

[ 那夜凌晨,我坐上了旺角開往大埔的紅VAN ]

Director:Fruit Chan

Science Fiction/Fantasy Suspense

10/26 17:20-   10/28 20:00-   

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121min Cantonese Color | 2014 Hong Kong | 


Imagine that the entire population of the planet has vanished, except for you and 16 other people. Do the moral principles and religious beliefs we live by still apply?


Adapted from the 2012 best-selling novel “Lost On A Red Minibus To Taipo”, The Midnight After is a dark, tightly paced thriller revolving around an overnight minibus and its 17 passengers. It visualizes Hong Kong’s contemporary society in a post-apocalyptic setting and explores themes of destiny, faith and the relationship between mankind and the surrounding environment. Stripping the drama back to its basics, this story fundamentally explores the inner monsters of human nature.

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10/26 17:20 - (121min)

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Tickets (student) ¥1000 | Tickets at the Door (student) ¥500 (Tax included)



10/28 20:00 - (121min)

Tickets ¥1300(Tax included)

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Fruit Chan

Fruit Chan was born in Guangzhou in 1959. He directed his debut feature Finale in Blood (1990). Made in Hong Kong(1997), The Longest Summer (1998) and Little Cheung (1999) were seen as a “Hong Kong Handover Triptych” and made him an icon in Hong Kong’s burgeoning independent film scene. He also made short films and joined several collaborative projects, and has produced films for other directors.

Director : Fruit Chan
Executive Producer : Winnie Tsang
Producer : Amy Chin
Screenplay : Chan Fai Hung
Screenplay : Kong Ho Yan
Cinematographer : Lam Wah Tsuen
Editor : Tin Sam Fat
Editor : To To

Simon Yam
Wong You Nam
Janice Man
Kara Hui
Lam Suet
Chui Tien You
Sam Lee

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