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Tokyo International Film Festival Director General

With the Aim of Taking the Film Festival to a New Dimension

In my second year as Director General of Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF), we will be extending the excitement of TIFF from the Roppongi area where it had been held for many years to Nihonbashi where a new TOHO Cinemas complex has opened.
We decided that such move was essential in order to enrich the quality and quantity of films and related events.

Films help people understand foreign cultures.
By featuring more films from around the globe and by providing opportunities to appreciate stellar works from Japan, we would be able to welcome more guests from abroad, and thus contribute in cultivating cultural exchanges.

In order to raise the profile of TIFF as one of the largest and most important film festivals in the Asian region and to enhance its role and authority, we need to carefully select from quality films submitted from all corners of the world and ensure that award-winning films are rewarded with positive consequences both in the domestic and international film markets.
Creation of such virtuous cycle is also important to maintain our position as the international film festival that can bring "high-quality, world-class" films.

This year, from our hub at TOHO Cinemas Nihonbashi, we will focus on animation films which emblematize made-in-Japan contents.
We hope to broaden the audience base for movies, as well as to bear good ripple effects in TIFFCOM, the multi-content market affiliated with TIFF where buyers and sellers gather to access wide variety of business opportunities whether it be of anime characters or fashion.

Furthermore, it is also important that TIFF proactively promote close cooperation with quality contents as a part of "Cool Japan" initiatives.

We appreciate your continued support and cooperation.
Thank you!

Director General
Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF & TIFFCOM)
Yasushi Shiina

Yasushi Shiina

Yasushi Shiina was born in 1951. After graduating from Faculty of Science and Engineering at the Waseda University in March 1974, Shiina joined Sumitomo Corporation Inc. in April the same year. He became a counselor of Media Division of Sumitomo in 1987. In 1991, he was appointed Director, General Manager of Film Division, Asmik, and assumed the position of Representative Senior Managing Director in 1998 before becoming President of Asmik Ace Entertainment in 2000. In the year 2004, he became President of Kadokawa Entertainment, and then President of Kadokawa Pictures in 2009. After appointed as Representative Senior Managing Director in 2011, he currently serves as Director-Executive Advisor of KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. Among his official responsibilities, he serves as Chairman of Conference Group for Import and Clearance of Foreign Films in Japan, and Vice-Chairman of Foreign Film Importer-Distributors Association of Japan, Inc.

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