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27th TIFF Special Programs and Allied-Events Lineup

27th TIFF Special Programs and Allied-Events Lineup

Film Treasures from The Museum of Modern Art
This program will showcase highly-selected excellent prints from the collection of MoMA, which has been a leading force in the international film archive/cinematheque movement.
●Dates: 10.24 Fri~11.9 Sun
●Venue: Cinema 1 of National Film Center,
The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo



TIFFCOM 2014 for Film & TV in Asia
TIFFCOM, a media content market affiliated to TIFF, will be co-held with TIMM, an international music market, and TIAF, an animat ion- focused market, as Japan Content Showcase again this year.
●Dates: 10.21 Tue~10.23 Thu
[URL] http://jcs2014.com/

Bunka-Cho Film Week 2014
“Bunka-Cho Film Week” will award excellent documentaries and individuals in recognition of their long years of distinguished service to the film industry. The project will also hold screenings and symposiums to offer opportunities for people involved with films in differing capacities to gather together.
●Dates: 10.23 Thu~10.27 Mon
●Venue: Grand Hyatt Tokyo / Cinemart Roppongi
[URL] http://bunka-cho-ˆfilmweek.jp/

Survival Lessons for Filmmakers “Beyond Filmmaking”
Digital technology has lowered the hurdles in filmmaking, and the chance of theatrical release has increased. Entry into film festivals has become commonplace and the Internet is inundated with films. The situation looks good at a glance, but what about your film? This is a lecture series for young filmmakers.
■Lecture 1:
Market for Independent Filmmakers
10.26 Sun Co-hosted by Independent Cinema Guild
■Lecture 2:
Issues in Screening Small Scale Films in the Era of Digital Cinema
10.27 Mon Co-hosted by Tohoku University of Art And Design
■Lecture 3:
Strengths and Weaknesses of Japanese Films from a Global Viewpoint
10.31 Fri Co-hosted by PIA Film Festival
Admission free

Minato Screening
The Minato Screening, a favorite of both young and old, as well as of families, is a co-host program by TIFF and Minato City Committee composed of local community members and merchants. Enjoy the excitement of the live voice-over screenings.
●Dates: 10.25 Sat~10.26 Sun
●Venue: TOHO CINEMAS ROPPONGI HILLS / Soukairou Hall, National Graduate Institute For Policy Studies

Directors Guild of Japan New Directors Award Film Screening and Symposium
The 54th winner of the Directors Guild of Japan’s prestigious New Directors Award will screen. A discussion of the future of film, featuring the award winning film, will also be held.
●Dates: 10.28 Tue
[URL] http://www.dgj.or.jp/

Future of Films: Brand New Screening System for All People
Lady Maiko will be screened in an accessible showing, using the latest system which displays subtitles on the specs-shaped head mounted display. The future of fully accessible film showing will be discussed after the screening with the director.
●Dates: 10.24 Fri
[URL] http://npo-masc.org/

Welcome to Tsuburaya Productions’ Tokusatsu World Featuring Ultra Seven – The HD Remastered 2.0 Edition
The HD re-mastered version of ULTRA SEVEN supervised by Eiji Tsuburaya, creator of the Godzilla movie will be brought to the big screen. Talk shows featuring actors from the series will be staged.
●Dates: 10.26 Sun
[URL] http://m-78.jp

MPA Seminar/ “Movies and Money – A Long-Running Drama”
Lord Puttnam, award-winning movie producer of 10 Oscars, Palme D’Or, and many others, will deliver a lecture regarding relationship change between movies and production capitals in the digital era.
●Dates: 10.27 Mon
●Venue: Roppongi Academyhills 49 Tower Hall
[URL] http://www.jimca.co.jp/

The 4th Japan Student Film Festival
Six grand prix works of three student film festivals in Japan will gather together. We will introduce the frontiers of Japanese student films.
●Dates: 10.26 Sun
[URL] http://tiffgakusei.com/nihongakusei/

Future Line-up Collection of Tokyo International Film Festival
An exciting presentation of 40 film trailers by 20 distributors. A cinema talk event will also be held, featuring popular teacher/TV personality Mr. Osamu Hayashi, with a movie personality.
●Dates: 10.27 Mon
[URL] http://www.eigakan.org/movies/top

SKY PerfecTV! “Sunday Cinémathèque” SPECIAL EVENT Drive-in Theater at TOKYO TOWER [Back To The Future]
●Dates: 10.26 Sun
●Venue: Tokyo Tower Car Park
[URL] http://www.tfm.co.jp/movie

Talk Show “TIFF meets Chaplin – Dubbed Masterpieces of King of Comedy” presented by Star Channel & SKY PerfecTV Movie Team
●Dates: 10.28 Tue
[URL] http://www.star-ch.jp/chaplin/

CineGrid@TIFF 2014
●Dates: 10.29 Wed
●Venue: Roppongi Academyhills 49 Tower Hall
[URL] http://cinegrid.kmd.keio.ac.jp/

Korean Cinma Week 2014
●Dates: 10.24 Fri~10.29 Wed (TBD)
●Venue: Korean Cultural Center Hanmadang Hall
[URL] http://www.koreanculture.jp

CINEMA TRAVEL presented by Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia
Weekends and the National Holiday (13th) in October
Venue: TIAT SKY HALL Haneda Airport International
Passenger Terminal
Creators workshop lecturer: Teruko Takano
●Dates: 10.25 Sat 15:00-17:00 Venue: 3331 Arts Chiyoda
All admission free
[URL] http://www.shortshorts.org

●Dates: 10.9 Thu~11.9 Sun
●Venue: Shinjuku Wald 9 / Yokohama Burg 13 / Umeda Burg 7
[URL] http://www.lbff.jp/

China Film Week in Tokyo 2014
●Dates: 10.19 Sun~10.24 Fri The venue will close on Oct. 20.
[URL] http://cjiff.net/

Poland Film Festival in Japan 2014
●Dates: Late November(TBA)
●Venue: Shibuya Theatre Image Forum
[URL] http://www.polandfilmfes.com/

Tanabe-Benkei Film Festival 2014
●Dates: 11.7 Fri~11.9 Sun
●Venue: Kinan Cultural Hall
[URL] http://www.tbff.jp/

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