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Campaign Part 2! Win tickets by sending a message to TIFF official LINE account!

27th Tokyo International Film Festival celebrates opening of the film festival by treating three tickets of each selected screening!
Send the following title of the film to the TIFF official LINE account typed without errors. Click the URL written on the responded message and apply tickets by filling in the questions!
*Application dead line is 15:00 of three days before prior to screening (e.g. appliction dead line of the screening on 10/25 will be at 10/22 15:00.)
*Winners will recieve the prize without prior notice.
*Please note that we cannot accept ingury regarding winners.
Selected film titles, screening dates and venues are as follows.
*Send the following titles to the TIFF official LINE account.
(Messages sent with titles other than the selections below will not be respoded.)
River of Exploding Durians (10/24 (FRI) 18:10Start:Roppongi SCREEN7)
RUINED HEART (10/24 (FRI) 21:45Start:Roppongi SCREEN7)
Melbourne (10/25 (SAT) 10:50Start:Roppongi SCREEN7)
Los Hongos (10/25 (SAT) 17:55Start:Roppongi SCREEN7)
The Days Come (10/25 (SAT) 21:20Start:Roppongi SCREEN7)
The Connection (10/26 (SUN) 10:50Start:Roppongi SCREEN7)
RIVER ROAD (10/26 (SUN) 14:45Start:Roppongi SCREEN7)
Heaven Knows What (10/26 (SUN) 21:15Start:Roppongi SCREEN7)
1001 Grams (10/27 (MON) 18:10Start:Roppongi SCREEN7)
The Mighty Angel (10/27 (MON) 21:10Start:Roppongi SCREEN7)
The Lesson (10/28 (TUE) 18:05Start:Roppongi SCREEN7)
NABAT (10/28 (TUE) 21:15Start:Roppongi SCREEN7)
Test (10/29 (WED) 18:10Start:Roppongi SCREEN7)
Ice Forest (10/29 (WED) 21:10Start:Roppongi SCREEN7)
Special Screenings
Big Hero 6 (10/23 (THU) 18:30Start:Roppongi SCREEN2)
The Raid 2: Berandal (10/24 (FRI) 19:00Start:Nihonbashi SCREEN2)
DEVIL’S KNOT (10/25 (SAT) 12:20Start:Nihonbashi SCREEN8)
The 50 Year Argument (10/25 (SAT) 17:45Start:Roppongi SCREEN2)
SAMBA (10/26 (SUN) 10:45Start:Nihonbashi SCREEN6)
Cathedrals of Culture (10/26 (SUN) 13:40Start:Roppongi SCREEN5)
UNTIL THE DAY COMES (10/26 (SUN) 16:45Start:Roppongi SCREEN2)
MIRACLE: Devil Claus’ Love and Magic (10/26 (SUN) 18:00Start:Roppongi SCREEN7)
A Courtesan with Flowered Skin (10/27 (MON) 13:35Start:Roppongi SCREEN2)
The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet (10/27 (MON) 17:15Start:Roppongi SCREEN5)
The Expendables 3 (10/28 (TUE) 19:05Start:Roppongi SCREEN2)
Dhoom: 3 (10/29 (WED) 13:45Start:Roppongi SCREEN2)
PARASYTE (10/30 (THU) 19:45Start:Roppongi SCREEN2)
Japanese Cinema Splash
100 YEN LOVE (10/25 (SAT) 17:20Start:Roppongi SCREEN4)

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