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Collected Works of Ube Senior High School Art Club (2005 Revival Version) (1978)
[HIDEAKI ANNO] Director, Animation, Cinematography
Collection of Anno’s celluloid animations and other works he created using the art club budget whilst he was at Ube Senior High School. “Yamato” animation was the first animation he drew aside from doodling in the margin of his school book when he was in the second year. He then moved onto machinery and explosion scenes. The origin of Anno’s world lies here. Explosion scenes are drawn and colored by Anno. The short celluloid animation, “UBEKOSEI”, was presented at the school festival when he was in the third year. He was the director and also in charge of main drawings. The 2005 revival version is screened, which has sound added to the silent film of the 1978-1979 version.
NAKAMURIDER (2005 Re-edited Version) (1978)
[HIDEAKI ANNO] Director, Actor
Anno directed and also appeared in this short, live-action film when he was in the third year at high school. Starring Akimasa Nakamura, the student council president, it was made as the Art Club’s exhibit for the school festival. The film condenses his favorite elements, makes full use of effects such as stop motion and film scratching, and the images that are spontaneously and freely constructed solely by his senses represents the starting point of Anno’s special effects live action films. The adapted version which was re-edited by Anno in 2005 is screened.
Proverb Dictionary: He Who Shoots Often, Hits at Last! (1979)
Water (1980)
Aerial Replacement (1980)
[HIDEAKI ANNO] Director, Animation, Cinematography
Paper animation, directed and animated by Anno during his gap year. He went to Tokyo with the money he had saved from his part-time jobs. Shocked by Hiroshi Hara’s paper animation at PAF (Private Animation Festival), he discarded the stereotyped idea that animation should be drawn on celluloid, and created two pieces of work in summer 1979 and early 1980 using paper and felt-tip pen. The images that were drawn with solid lines without worrying over the number of drawings is the starting point of works for his animation.
“Aerial Replacement” was made for pleasure to make use of the remaining film after making “Water”. The stop motion animation using cut-out photos and celluloid pictures is simple but the electric discharge effect and encoded Gundam shows his own style.
At the Bus Stop (2014 Revival Version) (1980)
[HIDEAKI ANNO] Director, Animation
Paper animation, directed and animated by Anno soon after he went to university. He made this piece to show at the college screening,
“First Pictures Show”. The original film remains undiscovered, hence the reproduced version, digital filmed from existing original drawings with same sound, will be screened.
A Tank Jumped Out From the Fridge!! (2014 Newly Filmed Version) (1980)
[HIDEAKI ANNO] Director, Animation
Paper animation made during his first year at university. Flipbook animation which he made as his assignment has been filmed digitally especially for this feature screening. As this was his practical assignment, it is drawn on the standard animation paper.
Tough Tire! SHADO Tire (1980)
[HIDEAKI ANNO] Director, Animation, Cinematography
Paper animation, directed and animated by Anno during his first year at university. It was made as his practical work for the year. A
speeding Suzuki Fronte 360SS is meticulously animated with great attention to reaction as it crushes over Yamaguchi prefectural police
cars and an art college bus. This is where Anno started as effects animator.
HIDEAKI ANNO’S ULTRAMAN (2014 Revival Version) (1980)
[HIDEAKI ANNO] Chief Director, Actor
While “Tough Tire! SHADO Tire” was made as a piece in a collection of adverts, Anno thought it would be more interesting to have a program in addition to an advert, hence he independently directed this short, live-action film, not as a practical assignment. He made this film by making the best of his scarce allowance. He himself played a somewhat symbolic Ultraman wearing just a hand-made color timer which was made out of the top of a tooth pick box. This film is another of the starting points of Anno’s special effects live action films.
*The original version with slight modifications of sound will be screened.

The art works used in Anno’s self-produced film “Ultraman” was borrowed from the homonymous film by Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd., which holds the copyright of the original film.

TEA TIME (2014 Revival Version) (1981)
[HIDEAKI ANNO] Director, Animation
Paper animation directed and drawn by Anno for the First Pictures Show, which was an assignment for the second year at university. The original film remains undiscovered, so this is a revival version – in addition to the digital filming of the existing original drawings, the sound has been added.
Powered Suit! Reinforced Armor (1981)
[HIDEAKI ANNO] Director, Animation
Line test film. Anno was asked to produce an opening animation by the DAICON III executive committee, and he filmed this to check if the repeat animation of powered suit moves well enough.
[HIDEAKI ANNO] Chief Director, Actor, Production Design
Amateur special effects film produced by DAICON FILM as part of promotional campaign for “DAICON IV”. Anno, who was very busy
with this film and stopped attending lectures at university, was responsible for planning and general directing. Anno played the role
of ULTRAMAN in this film, too. An ambitious work filled with deep insight and affection for the “ULTRAMAN series”, with its devotion to the elaborate miniature sets and the tough storyline which challenges a taboo about what should truly be upheld by the hero.
This is the starting point for the films directed by Anno, including the visual sense.

The art works used in Anno’s self-produced film “Return of Ultraman” was borrowed from the homonymous film by Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd., which holds the copyright of the original film.
 ©DAICONFILM Original work“ Return of Ultraman”©1971 TSUBURAYA PRODUCTIONS

※Please note that some films have some minor image and audio defects due to their conditions.

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